Review of Matricom G-Box Q² Quad/Octo Core Android TV Box [2GB/16GB/4K]

For more info on the Matricom G-Box, plus customer reviews- Check it out here. Matricom HTPC

Viewing the most promising Android TV is the latest buzz in the town. Streaming set top box is required for viewing Android TV. The Matricom G-Box Android TV Box is recorded to be the world’s highest selling Android TV box. The best part is that it now comes with Prime support from Amazon. The device is has a RAM configuration of 2 GB and internal storage of 16 GB. The device which is the flagship product that changed the experience of Android TV with high performance effective streaming. This device includes the development of custom firmware which has Amlogic s812 processor built in USA by the expert Android developers. This Android TV box has 16 GB of internal memory which is just the double of Fire TV and Nexus boxes.

The Android TV Box is also equipped with dual-band 5G WiFi and dual-band 802.11. The device is also under the heavy developmental stage and many more features and development are being planned. This Android streaming Box is enabled to play numerous formats and also works very efficiently in comparison to other set-top boxes of the present time. Matricom has become a brand name and is firmly believed to be the pioneer of the Android set-top box technology. This brings the best to the table in regards to streaming set top box.

Features of Matricom G-Box Q²

The device has several attractive and useful features. Some of the major features of the device are enlisted below:

The item weight of the device is just 3 pounds. Thus, it is very portable and easy to carry.

The product dimension is 9.6 X 6.5 X 2.4 inches.

The shipping weight of the device is 1.1 pounds.

The item model number is G-Box-Q2-FBA.

The box is aesthetically beautiful and is much better than any other rival set top box.

The present model of the device is a much improved version as compared to the older version.

It runs on the latest version of Android and the Google Play Store is also available in the device.

The device has the facility of 4K video playback.

The device also has the feature of 802.11 ac Wi-Fi.

The device also has a very efficient remote control.

There is a HDMI cable provided along with the device.

The storage is 2 GB RAM and the Hard Disc storage is of 16GB.

The specs of the device are as follows:

The device is equipped with a Kodi Center.

The CPU’s configuration is Quad Core S802 and is paired with a powerful Mali450 Octo Core 3D GPU Graphics Processor.

This device has four times the power in comparison to MX2.

The device is equipped with the Cloud Updating feature which can be used to update the G-Box Q device.

The device also has the newest v1.2 Firmware. The device has been recently updated to Android 5 that enables the users to get the best Android experience. The device also has the ability to automatically update into the later versions so that the apps in the device can run seamlessly over the period of time.

The Pros of Matricom G-Box Q²

The pros of this Matricom streaming set top box are enlisted below:

The device is faster as compared to the other set top boxes.

This device has the new-heads-up user interface.

The device is equipped with the newest version of Android 5 Television Operating System.

The device is enabled to support Amazon Prime video and thus the users can enjoy the various entertaining TV shows, Prime movies etc.

This set top box has proved to be very stable over the period of time.

The devices features a clean copy of Kodi.

There is a free HDMI cable that comes with the device.

The device is equipped with a powerful CPU which displays high performance and this is paired with Mali-450 Octo Core 3D Graphics Processor which is deemed to be very powerful. This ensures mind-blowing performance.

This is not just another average streaming device. This is full Android computer that would be a great add-on to your living room.

The internal storage of 16 GB gives the user the freedom to install several apps without any tension of space crunch.

The device is fully optimized to use Kodi and free streaming add-on is available for Kodi. It enables the user to cancel the cable service or satellite connection and enjoy streaming of the favorite shows and movies at any part of the world.

The Matricom streaming set top box has a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. This ensures complete peace of mind.

The cons of Matricom G-Box Q²

It is very difficult to find any con of the device. The only probable con of the device is that it has a basic remote. A better remote would have been more preferable.

How the Matricom device works?

The Matricom streaming set top box is very user-friendly. This can be hooked up with a straight forward HDMI connected with a TV. The USB can be utilized for connecting a keyboard if you are reluctant to use a remote control.

The device automatically gets updated. Ensure that the newest version is always updated by going to the system settings and then checking for updates. You may click to the Kodi icon and use the Kodi Box.


This streaming set top box is an excellent device to use Kodi and once you have a thorough understanding of Kodi, it will not even require a cable tv subscription.

The major thing is that you need to know how to install and then use the Kodi add-on features such as Exodus. The streaming set top box is a great possession which has got several features and thus you should get one for yourself. This Matricom streaming set top box is a great buy because it has several latest features which its competitions do not possess. So, if you are looking forward to buy a streaming set top box, this is undoubtedly a best buy.

For more info on the Matricom G-Box, plus customer reviews- Check it out here.


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